Press Release of Investigation Committee on July 23rd Tragic Incident:

As you are aware of the July 23, 2016   terrorist attack, an Investigation Committee formed under directorship of Saranpoh Mohammad Farid “Hamidi” the Attorney General of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to find facts about the incident.

The Investigation Committee, under supervision of the Attorney General, is obliged to investigate how the terroristic and tragic incident occurred.



Submission of (609) Sets of Confiscated Mobile Phones of Smugglers to the Customs Department of Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan: General Head of Special Prosecution of Counter Narcotics and Intoxicants submitted (609) sets of mobile phones, which were detected during body search of narcotics and intoxicants’ smugglers after issuance of confiscating by all three courts, to the officials of Customs Department of Kabul for sale.

The forfeited mobiles phones include (2) sets of Thuraya Satellite Phones and (607) different types of mobile phones which were found and forfeited by detention and security officials during the year 1393 and 1394 while arresting smugglers of narcotics and intoxicants from different provinces of the country.