Mohammad Farid Hamidi has been elected as Afghanistan new Attorney General

Mohammad Farid Hamidi has been elected as the Attorney General after receiving 200 votes of confidence from the lower house (Wolosi Jirga). On April 09, Mr Hamidi elaborated his work plans in general meeting of Wolosi Jirga. He said that he wants to prioritize the fight against corruption, making AGO a non-political administration, considering the wages of staff and hiring the cadres.

Mr. Hamidi said that he will use all the facilities and capacities to eliminate corruption from AGO. He stressed on fighting corruption and added: “The first victim of corruption is justice and rule of law.



AGO Condolence Message on the Martyrdom of Samiuddin “Raheen” Head of Herat’s Appellate Prosecution Office

It is with great regret that on Thursday April 28, Samiuddin “Raheen” Head of Herat’s Appellate Prosecution Office was martyred in a terrorist attack. The leadership board of Attorney General's Office(AGO) shares its deepest condolences to this appalling incident, and pray to Almighty Allah that the soul of the deceased may rest in peace and wish patience and endurance to his family.

Mr. Raheen was one of the most honest, hardworking and committed Directors of AGO. From the start of his work until the last moment of his life, he worked for ensuring Justice and fight against law violence, and consequently gave his life for this purpose.