AGO’s Condolence Message and Verdict on Comprehensive Investigation of Saturday's Terrorist Attack

The Afghanistan Constitution has declared basic rights and freedom of its citizens and the government is obliged to preserve them. Saturday's (July 23) demonstration is one of our nation’s basic rights, which unfortunately the sworn enemies of our people impeded this civil movement through their inhumane and terrorist attacks, causing martyrdom and injuries to a number of our citizens.

Attorney General’s Office (AGO) of Afghanistan strongly condemns Saturday's terrorist attack, denounced this inhumane and unlawful act, wishes highest place of paradise for the martyrs of this incident, and quick recovery for the injured.  AGO also wishes patience for the families of the martyrs of this deplorable incident.

In addition to our condolence message, the AGO of Afghanistan issued the verdict of comprehensive investigation of this incident as follows:

“According to articles 3 and 11 of Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of the Prosecution regarding the proceeding of terrorist attack dated July 23, 2016: a commission comprised of Deputy of AGO in Military Affairs; Director of Crimes against Internal and External Security; and Head of Ministry of Interior Prosecution under supervision of Attorney General’s Office of Afghanistan; are obliged to seriously and comprehensively investigate this incident, to identify the designers and perpetrators of the case after completion of the investigation and to prosecute officials who neglected their duties.”


AGO Condolence Message on the Martyrdom of Samiuddin “Raheen” Head of Herat’s Appellate Prosecution Office

It is with great regret that on Thursday April 28, Samiuddin “Raheen” Head of Herat’s Appellate Prosecution Office was martyred in a terrorist attack. The leadership board of Attorney General's Office(AGO) shares its deepest condolences to this appalling incident, and pray to Almighty Allah that the soul of the deceased may rest in peace and wish patience and endurance to his family.

Mr. Raheen was one of the most honest, hardworking and committed Directors of AGO. From the start of his work until the last moment of his life, he worked for ensuring Justice and fight against law violence, and consequently gave his life for this purpose.