Members of High Commission for Elimination of Violence against

Women Visits the Attorney General

On June 8, 2016, members of High Commission for Elimination of Violence against Women met Mr. Farid Hamidi Attorney General of Afghanistan in a meeting chaired by Delbar Nazari Minister of MoWA in his office.

Pohanyar Sayeda Muzhgan Mustafawi, Publication Deputy Minister of Information and Culture; Doctor Najia Tariq, Health Service Delivery Deputy Minister of Public Health; Doctor Assadullah Mahqiq, Deputy Minister of Education; Rahima Rezaie, Head of Family Court; Doctor Soraya Sabhrang, Commissioner of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission; Saranpal Aziz Ahmad Sarbaz, Supervising Director of Prisons; Mrs. Qudsia Neyazi, Gender Advisor of AGO; were among participants of this meeting.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss achievements of women and the challenges they face.

At first, Mr. Hamidi expressed his gratitude for the presence of members of High Commission for Elimination of



AGO Condolence Message on the Martyrdom of Samiuddin “Raheen” Head of Herat’s Appellate Prosecution Office

It is with great regret that on Thursday April 28, Samiuddin “Raheen” Head of Herat’s Appellate Prosecution Office was martyred in a terrorist attack. The leadership board of Attorney General's Office(AGO) shares its deepest condolences to this appalling incident, and pray to Almighty Allah that the soul of the deceased may rest in peace and wish patience and endurance to his family.

Mr. Raheen was one of the most honest, hardworking and committed Directors of AGO. From the start of his work until the last moment of his life, he worked for ensuring Justice and fight against law violence, and consequently gave his life for this purpose.