Attorney General Distributes 25 vehicles to its central and provincial offices

On December 19, 2017 Attorney General’s Office (AGO) distributed 22 Corolla and 3 Hilux Toyota made vehicles to its central and provincial offices to overcome their transportation problems.

The distribution ceremony was held in the presence of Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Wahiduddin Arghon and many other central AGO directors.

According to DAG Arghon, total value of these vehicles reaches 52 million and 851 thousand AFN.

Mr. Arghon said that: “These vehicles will resolve nearly 80% of AGO transportation problems.”

He also added that AGO plans to purchase 23 more Corolla cars and two Ambulances in the coming year to further facilitate AGO staff and solve transportation problems of central and provincial offices.

Mr. Arghon instructed AGO Drivers to utilize the mentioned vehicles with care.

It is worth mentioning that currently AGO retains 83 vehicles in central offices and one to three vehicles in each provincial office.