Parwan Appellate Prosecution Directorate

Parwan Appellate Prosecution Director visits Police detention center

Parwan Appellate Prosecution Director, Abdul hafiz Osuly, on September 20, visited police headquarter detention center in order to monitor detainees conditions.

He monitored the detention center facilities, detainees’ conditions, and advised the center officials to consider the possible measures to improve the conditions.

The Deputy Attorney General, Saranpoh Noor Habib Jalal introduces New Director of Parwan Appellate Prosecution

At a gathering on Parwan Province, the Deputy Attorney General (DAG), Mr. Saranpoh Noor Habib Jalal, introduced the new Director of Parwan Appellate Prosecution Office to the citizens in the presence of Governor of Parwan province, Mr. Asim Asim, the Director and Provincial Council Members, Commander of Police and other authorities of the Province. 

The DAG said that the change in position of staff in the AGO is based on a merit based principle and he asked the new Director to fight all types of injustices in the province. He added that whoever is responsible for handling of AGO staff cases, should be performed in the best possible way.

Mr. Jalal emphasized that the citizens should be fully satisfied with the performance of AGO staff in maintaining justice and rule of law.

Governor of Parwan province, Mr. Asim Asim praised the performance and accomplishments of the former Director of Parwan Appellate Prosecution Office and added that “We will be fully helping AGO to fight corruption and injustice.”

On the other hand, Head of Parwan Provincial Council said that citizens expect the AGO to ensure justice and enforce the laws.

Based on the need, the changes in AGO directorate positions were approved by the president aims to prevent corruption in the best possible way and improve AGO performences.