Bamyan Appellate Prosecution Directorate

Bamyan Appellate Prosecution Office Reports Local Government Activities to People through a Conference

On April 17, 2017, Bamyan Appellate Prosecution Office (BAPO) conducted the Local Government Reporting Conference at Ghulghula Hotel in Bamyan Province.

Local administrations in Bamyan Province shared reports of their activities with residents of Bamyan in three categories; Sectoral, Security, and Governance. BAPO also reported its activities with statistics and figures to the people.

During the conference, the Director of BAPO said, “Bamyan Appellate Prosecution Office is ready to hear people’s complaints, petitions, and problems and may not hesitate to put any efforts in assuring justice and implementing the law.”  He also asked influential leaders in Bamyan to avoid interfering in activities and performances of prosecutors. He urged the prosecutors to handle criminal cases legally, professionally, and in a timely manner.

At the end, participants from different administrations asked questions and the director answered their questions.


Bamyan Appellate Prosecution Office Meets Italian Embassy Delegation

On April 22, 2017, the Director of Bamyan Appellate Prosecution, Salman Ali Surosh, met with two senior Italian Embassy staff, Justice Program Advisor, Federico Romoli, and Gender Advisor, Amaliar Roosy, at his office.

The Italian delegation explained objectives of their trip to Bamyan province as visiting and identifying problems of justice and judicial institutions in the province; especially, the Appellate Prosecution Office.

After welcoming and stating overall problems of justice and judicial institutions of Afghanistan, Mr. Surosh praised the effective executive decisions and strategy of Attorney General’s Office (AGO) leadership led by Attorney General, Farid Hamidi, for promoting and extending accountability and responsibility of relevant AGO offices as well as selection of elite, qualified, committed, and expert individuals for different positions of AGO. He added that implementing laws, investigating criminals, fighting corruption, and preventing extrajudicial immunity are the priorities of AGO and provincial appellate prosecution offices and promised inclusive efforts will be made by these institutions to support rule of law in Afghanistan.

Mr. Surosh considered interference of influential persons in justice and judicial administrations; particularly the AGO, in terms of diverting direction of legal performance as one of the biggest obstacles preventing effective provision of justice.  He assured AGO resistance to any kind of interference and apply all legal obligations.

The Director of Bamyan Appellate Prosecution Office proposed the following suggestions to the Italian Embassy delegation considering internal problems of the administration in terms of administrative and executive tasks, and asked for the following necessary support:

1-      Holding training programs to enhance capacity of administrative staff.

2-      Facilitating administrative tools and equipment including computers, internet access, printers, scanners, chairs, desks, and book shelves.

3-      Providing needed facilities for professional sections to include establishment of a library, meeting hall, awaiting room, and a building for district prosecutors.

In addition, Mr. Surosh presented a sketch of installing security cameras to monitor staff activities more effectively and emphasized the importance of cameras to improve justice services.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Romoli and Ms. Roosy appreciated constructive suggestions of Mr. Surosh and commitment of AGO for implementing laws, as well as hospitality of the Bamyan Prosecution Office.  Additionally, they promised to review implementation of the Bamyan suggestions and requested mutual communication with Bamyan Prosecution Office to maintain relationships, and further discuss the suggestions.