Biography of the Attorney General

Biography of Saranpoh Mohammad Farid Hamidi,

Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Mr. Mohammad Farid Hamidy was born in 1346 (1967) in Nangrahar Province. He completed his primary education in a local school. Then, he entered the National Police Academy of Afghanistan and graduated as a bachelor of Criminal Law. After that, he got admission in Kabul University and acquired his second bachelor degree in Law and Political Science. He then obtained his Masters’ degree in Criminology from the Islamic Azad University. Eventually, he succeeded to get admission in Harvard University and got his second Masters’ degree in Public Administration.

Both his education cycles and lessons learnt put sustainable impact on his future career and enabled him to get to know the social, political and legal problems of the people. The social and cultural conditions arouse a commitment in him that he got interested in social, political and cultural affairs. His endless activities towards education, ensuring justice, and rule of law were the beginning of a committed, curious, and compassionate personality for Mr. Hamidi. Having a glance at his core achievements, we can find his extended interests, vastness of intellectuality, in-depth commitment and activities. His rich and effective background demonstrates his academic personality and ethical commitment to humanity, national and Islamic values of the country and people.

Experience and activities:

Mr. Hamidi was appointed as a member of Election Committee of Emergency Loya Jirga and focal point for four provinces namely; Kandahar, Zabul, Helmand, and Urozgan as per decree of the Head of interim administration in 2002. At the same time, he was appointed as the temporary secretary of the Emergency Loya Jirga. Again in 2002, he was appointed as a member of Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan. Besides all these responsibilities, Mr. Hamidi was appointed as a member of Independent Election Complaint Commission as per decree of President of Afghanistan in 2005 and worked in this position for more than a year. In addition, Mr. Hamidi worked as a member of Reporting Committee of Government to International Conventions and Universal Periodic Review Committee as per a presidential decree.

Mr. Hamidi has also worked as advisor for the Ministry of Youth Affairs besides the abovementioned duties. He has also worked as the Director of Presidential Advisory Board to Appoint High Officials of the Government, for six years. In 2014, he was appointed as Ambassador against Torture in Afghanistan by the Asia-Pacific Assembly.

Mr. Hamidi has published many scientific and research articles in legal and political areas including modernization in Afghanistan, Rule of Law, Law and Judicial Reform for credible magazines and publishers.


Participation in International Conferences:

Mr. Hamidi has participated in numerous international and national conferences on Rule of Law, Elections, Judicial and Justice Reforms, Good Governance and has delivered experienced and knowledgeable speeches.

Participation of Mr. Hamidi in international conferences and his delivered speeches indicate that he possesses the required legal knowledge and sufficient capacity to raise basic issues and topics within this scientific domain.