The Executive Board Meeting

Report of Session dated September 20, 2016

The Leadership Board of Afghanistan Prosecutors Association (APA) held its monthly meeting on September 19 and 20, 2016 inside the office of the Association, located in Attorney General’s Office (AGO) in Darulaman. During the meeting, the Board discussed the role of APA and its methods of contribution in the Fourth National Afghanistan Prosecutors Conference and made the following decisions:

1) Three APA members assigned to work on the draft proclamation of Afghanistan Prosecutors Association for presentation in the Prosecutors’ General Conference and to present the prepared draft in the next/following session of the Leadership Board.

2) APA Cultural Commission members selected and will regularly announce activities of this association using the APA website, publications, and other social communication tools.

3)  Members selected for “Administrative and Finance Commission” and “Commission of Defending and Supporting the Rights of the Prosecutors”. The members received suggestions to perform their duties and responsibilities in a better manner.

4)  The Leadership Board confirmed establishment of an independent website to publish the activities of the association. One of the Leadership Board members will prepare details for the APA website and present them in the next session for final decision.


Report of Meeting Dated August 21, 2016

The meeting was conducted in the Office of the Afghanistan Prosecutors Associations located in AGO, Darulaman. After the primary speech of Head of the Association, the agenda discussed and the following decisions made accordingly:

1)      To further coordinate the activities of the Association and sustain relationship with prosecutors, one person should be elected as representative of the association in each directorate of the AGO. The mentioned representative will undertake necessary coordination in preparing and distributing APA Identification Cards in the respective directorate, collect membership fees, and inform the prosecutors of the respective directorate about APA activities and programs.

2)      Restructured committees of the association and their job description revised.

3)     Expand relationship of the association with International Prosecutors Association and its activities reported to the International Prosecutors Association on a regular basis. In addition, members of the association should have a comprehensive role in the training programs of International Prosecutors’ Association.

4)     The Prosecutors’ Association shall actively participate in Afghanistan Prosecutors’ annual meetings.

5)     To draft a feasible program for respecting the martyred prosecutors and taking care of their families.


Report of APA Meeting Dated May 11, 2016

The Office of Afghanistan Prosecutors Association (APA) located in AGO, Darulaman met on May 11, 2016. At the beginning of the meeting, Saranpoh Hayatullah Hayat, Head of the Association, reported the activities of the Association to the participants and gave necessary explanation on future APA programs. The specific agenda discussed and the following decisions made accordingly:

1)      Two members of the leading committee assigned to renew the License of association and report their activities in the next meeting of the association.

2)      It was suggested that training programs of the association should be conducted in further coordination with the AGO and the Directorate of Appellate Prosecution Offices for the extension of the program’s effectiveness and to help more prosecutors benefit from programs in the provinces.

3)     Forming regular and sustainable relationship with non-governmental organizations interested in cooperating with APA and funding association support.

4)     A 3-person committee was established to report APA activities regularly and to publish the reports on the AGO Website with cooperation of the Directorate of Information and Public Relations of the AGO.

5)     Discussions were undertaken regarding assigning a delegation consisting of   high authorities of the AGO, in coordination with APA. The delegation will talk about salary increment with the Ministry of Finance and Budget Committee of the Parliament.

6)     A list of 10 persons was prepared for membership.