Deputy Attorney General for Finance and Administration Affairs

Attorney General Distributes 25 vehicles to its central and provincial offices

On December 19, 2017 Attorney General’s Office (AGO) distributed 22 Corolla and 3 Hilux Toyota made vehicles to its central and provincial offices to overcome their transportation problems.

The distribution ceremony was held in the presence of Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Wahiduddin Arghon and many other central AGO directors.

According to DAG Arghon, total value of these vehicles reaches 52 million and 851 thousand AFN.

Mr. Arghon said that: “These vehicles will resolve nearly 80% of AGO transportation problems.”

He also added that AGO plans to purchase 23 more Corolla cars and two Ambulances in the coming year to further facilitate AGO staff and solve transportation problems of central and provincial offices.

Mr. Arghon instructed AGO Drivers to utilize the mentioned vehicles with care.


It is worth mentioning that currently AGO retains 83 vehicles in central offices and one to three vehicles in each provincial office. 

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) Conducts a Seminar on Strategic Planning

A four-days Seminar on Strategic Planning started on November 23, 2017 in AGO, with European Union (EU) cooperation.

In the opening ceremony of this Seminar, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Finance and Administrative affairs Mr. Wahiduddin Arghon, EU programs representative Mr. Edwardo, AGO Technical Advisor Mr. Shaun Devlin, Appellate prosecution Directors of Balkh, Kunduz, Nangarhar, Herat and other provinces participated in the conference.

DAG Arghon said “AGO has appointed a committee to codify the AGO five-years strategic plan”.

He added that EU will technically assist AGO in developing the strategy.

On the other hand, the EU Representative, Mr. Edwardo said “we have considered various reform programs in Afghanistan.”

He added that AGO activities in terms of justice implementation have been impressive and we support the reform programs.

The AGO Technical Advisor, Shaun Devlin said “The Seminar objective is codification of AGO Five-Years Strategic Plan.”

It is worth mentioning that following the seminar, Appellate Prosecution Directors will conduct similar programs in their relevant provinces. And after evaluation of 16 indicators set for AGO new strategy they will share their findings with the center for analysis and evaluation and will subsequently present it for approval to the AGO’s High Council meeting.

The codification process of the AGO new five-years strategic plan will be completed in November this year.

National Security Prosecution Office Inauguration

18 offices of National Security Prosecution were inaugurated On October 18, 2017. The construction of these offices was funded by the British Embassy with a cost of USD300,000.

Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Finance and Administrative Affairs, Wahiduddin Arghon, Director of National Security Prosecution office, Shamsuddin Ahmadzai, a representative of British Embassy and several Directors participated in the ceremony.

Mr. Arghon thanked the British government for their financial support in construction of these offices and declared that Attorney General Office (AGO) has decisive will to fight against corruption and eliminate this ominous phenomenon. He added that serious attention has been paid to increase number of female employees in AGO.

Director of National Security Prosecution office, Shamsuddin Ahmadzai expressed happiness for the establishment of these offices and said that: “These offices can help Prosecutors to better organize their duties.”

Representative of the British Embassy in Kabul promised further cooperation with the AGO and emphasized that more support will be provided in this regard. 

Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Emphasizes on the legitimacy in performing duties and fighting corruption

Saranyar Wahiduddin Arghon DAG for Administrative and Finance Affairs expressed this issue in a meeting with multi-departmental employees of Takhar Appellate Prosecution Office.

Mr. Arghon leading a delegation consisted of various central AGO directors in his visit to northern zone of the country, met with officials of Takhar Appellate Prosecution Office.

In this meeting, DAG Arghon seriously emphasized on being accountable and fair in behaving with visitors, suspects and accused in addition to observing legitimacy while performing duties and fighting corruption.

The performance evaluation of the AGO provincial staff is under progress in order to ensure justice and provide better services to citizens of the country.                

 Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Administrative and Finance Affairs visits Takhar Provincial Prison

Wahiduddin Arghon, DAG for Administrative and Finance Affairs accompanied with a delegation visited male and female prisons in Takhar province during his trip to the Northern provinces of the country.

After evaluating the situation of prisoners, DAG Arghon instructed relevant officials to take active and serious steps for executing release days of eligible prisoners in line with the rules and regulations.

He added that presidential decrees concerning remission and mitigation of punishments for prisoners should be properly implemented.

Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Finance and Administrative Affairs Meets Director and Members of the Civil Society in Badakhshan Province


DAG Wahiduddin Arghun met with Civil Society officials during his journey to Badakhshan Province.  

Mr. Arghun admired the role of the Civil Society in fighting corruption and ensuring justice, and asked the officials for their continues cooperation in this regard.

The Civil Society officials appreciated the performance of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). A female official asked for further support of AGO leadership to female cadres in this province.

After the meeting, Mr. Arghun and his accompanying delegation left Badakhshan Province for Takhar Province.

Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Finance and Administrative Affairs Meets Director of Badakhshan Appellate Prosecution Office

DAG Wahiduddin Arghun and his accompanying delegation visited departments of Badakhshan Appellate Prosecution Office.

Mr. Arghun emphasized on the importance of good filing system within the Civil and Military Prosecution Offices and advised the employees on improving filing systems in their departments.

He also noted problems that different departments and employees of this office are faced with and guided the Appellate Prosecution Office to take actions in addressing current challenges.

The delegate will travel to some other northern provinces following their visit to Badakhshan and to assess performance of local offices of the Attorney General’s Office.

Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Finance and Administrative Affairs Praises Active Role of Mullahs in Fighting Corruption

DAG Wahiduddin Arghun during his travel to Badakhshan Province met with Mullahs and Director of Haj and Islamic Affairs of Badakhshan.

He emphasized on active participation of Mullahs in fighting corruption and stated, “Mullahs should raise public awareness on eliminating corruption through pulpits of Masjids which play an important role.”

Moreover, Director of Haj and Islamic Affairs appreciated AGO contributions to Badakhshan and praised the active campaign and decisions taken by AGO leadership in fighting corruption.

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) Budget Committee Holds Meeting

The meeting was held on April 16, 2017 and chaired by Wahiduddin Arghon, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Finance and Administrative Affairs.

The meeting aimed to strengthen coordination among relevant administrations for the purpose of improving their activities and enhancing AGO’s budget expenditure in fiscal year 2017 as well as planning effectively for the year 2018.

DAG Arghon talked about updating the communication system and said, “Those responsible for reporting to other administrations are needed to be familiar and equipped with technology.” 

The meeting emphasized better prior planning for budget execution, asked for introducing an employee via an official letter as the focal point to other administrations that will be responsible to send and receive reports. This will speed up AGO procedures.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Farid Hasanyar, AGO Finance and Administrative Director focused on speeding up procurement planning within the AGO and reporting progress of the projects in terms of budget expenditure, monitoring, and reporting. 

Conveying knowledge and sharing experience with other colleagues was another issue the participants discussed. They asked managers of budget sections to personally assist one of their colleagues with the experience transfer to prevent gaps in the budget workflow while they are away from work.

In addition, the meeting emphasized ways to build professional capacity of provincial staff and utilize modern technology in provincial offices.

Moreover, participants discussed and emphasized strengthening coordination with Ministry of Urban Development for following up on development projects and budget expenditure.

Office of the Deputy Attorney General for Finance and Administrative Affairs Holds First Monthly Meeting with the Information and Public Relations Directorate

The meeting was held on Monday, April 17, 2017 with participation of Wahiduddin Arghon, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Finance and Administrative Affairs, Shah Mohammad Khapalwak, Director of Information and Public Relations, and other staff of the Directorate. The purpose of the meeting was to improve procedures for publication and public awareness affairs.

Important issues discussed by participants included Terms of Reference, action plans, and revising the ways in which the activities of Information and Public Relations Directorate are completed. The DAG believes that carrying out public awareness activities is one of the obligations of the Directorate. Mr. Arghon emphasized important issues such as extending public awareness programs, monitoring the media, improving quality of print and electronic publications, and the library. He added, “Procedures for AGO publications will soon be discussed in the AGO High Council meeting. Once the Council approves the procedures then they will be implemented and the policy could help AGO improve its media programs.  

Mr. Khapalwak mentioned programs and activities of the Information and Public Relations Directorate in the meeting. He talked about important issues including action plans, organizing publication and communication works, and new programs of the Directorate. He said, “The Directorate has undertaken awareness programs such as publishing brochures, installing billboards, and developing short TV and radio spots. Drafts of these programs have been developed and shall be implemented soon.”

In addition, the meeting discussed challenges and problems of the Directorate being lack of staff, technical equipment, and financial resources.  DAG Arghon promised he would do his best to overcome these problems. At the end, he said, “The Information and Public Relations Directorate will soon announce new vacancies. Those staff that have not yet been entered in the new Pay and Grade system will soon be added. With implementation of this system we could raise salaries on one hand and recruit qualified staff on the other.”

The DAG office intends to conduct regular monthly meetings with subordinate directorates from now on.