Information & Public Relations Directorate

Pohyalai Shah M Khapalwak

Pohyalai Shah M Khapalwak is a lecturer at Kabul University - Journalism Faculty and Director of Information and Public Relations of the Attorney General’s Office.


Pohyalai Shah M Khapalwak was born in 3rd District of Kandahar Province of Afghanistan in 1985. He is son of Haji Baz Mohammad Nasir and grandson of Haji Din Mohammad Naseri. His father and grandfather were the elders of Naseri tribe of Kandahar province.


He completed his primary education in Imam Abu Hanifa Religious School in Kandahar province, and graduated from Zaher Shahi High School in Kandahar province. He earned his bachelor’s from Kabul University, Journalism Faculty, Radio and Television Department in 2011. 


Pohyalai Shah M Khpalwak

·        Currently works as Lecturer in Kabul University, Journalism Faculty and as Director of Information and Public Relations of the Attorney General’s Office

·        Appointed as a member of kankor (matriculation) committee of Ministry of Higher Education for the South-West Region by Kandahar University in 2014

·        Besides his position as Lecturer in Kandahar University, he has undertaken other duties such as Registrar. Deputy Dean and Dean of Journalism Faculty of Kandahar University during 2012 to 2013

·        Besides his academic career, he has also worked as a reporter and host for Saba TV and RTA during 2010 and 2011

·        In 2006 and 2007, he worked as General Manager of Rahman Baba Private High School


·        Participated in Small Business Conference in India on behalf of Kandahar youths

·        Participated in Unified Curriculum Conference for Journalism Faculties on behalf of Kandahar University conducted by IWPR in Kabul University

·        Participated in Social Media Conference in AUAF, conducted by Paiwand Organization, on behalf of Kandahar youths


Mr. Khapalwak has completed multiple trips to Turkey, India, UAE, and Pakistan. 

Information and Public Relations Directorate (IPRD) Conducts Coordination Meeting with Decision Enforcement Directorate

On December 17, 2017, based on recommendations and indicators determined by the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (MEC), AGO Information and Public Relations Directorate conducted a coordination meeting with employees of Decision Enforcement Directorate in presence of JSSP Communications Advisors.  

MEC has determined 13 indicators in different areas to bring reform in the AGO.

The ninth indicator of MEC states, “AGO should publish all final court verdicts on its official website.

Mohammad Assad Safai, AGO Decision Enforcement Director declared his support for the measures taken in order to spread transparency in AGO performance. He added: “It is impossible to publish all final court verdicts due to AGO jurisdiction, lack of sufficient facilities and capacity to upload all cases on the website.”

Both parties agreed to publish figures of cases accurately, categorized into a general report. This report will include some cases finalized by the Supreme Court as well as enforced decisions by AGO.

The meeting participants also discussed on figures of travel banned people. Both parties agreed to publish the figures on the AGO website too, so that everyone have access to this information.

Meanwhile, Shah Mohammad Khpalwak, IPRD Director suggested to conduct such meetings regularly to have better coordination and follow-up on common activities.

It is worth mentioning that MEC had conducted a seminar to evaluate reform in the AGO. As a result, suggested AGO through some indicators to evaluate the reform process.

Saranwal Magazine and Gazette Correspondence Board Meeting

On November 01, 2017, Attorney General’s Office (AGO) conducted Saranwal Magazine and Gazette correspondence board meeting led by Ghulam Haidar Alama, Deputy Attorney General for Trail affairs.

Members discussed standardization of gazette and Saranwal Magazine and all AGO publications.

The board mentioned that AGO publications have been standardized in comparison to past and we are trying to further standardize it.


It is worth mentioning that in near future AGO will publish a set of transcripts of participants’ speeches and work results of joint conference on Combating Corruption in Security and Defense sectors under the same title.

Saranwal Magazine and Gazette Correspondence Board Meeting

Ghulam Haidar Alama, Deputy Attorney General for Trail affairs participated in Saranwal Magazine and Gazette, Correspondence Board Meeting on September 27, 2017.

The meeting is conducted twice a month for standardizing the Saranwal Magazine and Gazette as well as discussing the contents of the publications.

Mr. Alama stated that publication of Saranwal Magazine and Gazette is important and valuable step and added that these activities increase public awareness regarding AGO activities.

He added: "Marketing these publications is important for the people access to it, so these publications should be distributed to libraries and bookstores in the city and provinces.

The participants emphasized that Information and Public Relations Directorate (IPRD) should provide prosecutors with a copy of Saranwal magazine in the programs which are conducted to appraise prosecutors’ performance.  


It is worth mentioning that publication No.47 of Saranwal Magazine was published last week with the efforts of the IPRD. This edition included various articles on legal, journalistic and literary issues. 

Saranwal Magazine and Gazette, Correspondence Board Meeting

On October 25, 2017 Ghulam Haidar Alama, Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Trail affairs participated in Saranwal Magazine and Gazette Correspondence Board Meeting.

The participants evaluated the fourth National Prosecutors Conference book, which was recently published, adding that AGO publications are getting standardized.

The members considered the book of Joint Conference on Combating Corruption in security and defense sectors a complete work and emphasized that each publication should be better than the previous ones.

It is worth mentioning that the three-day joint conference on combating corruption in security and defense sectors was conducted some days ago and the transcript of the participants’ speeches are being published as a book.

Afghanistan Justice Sector Support Program (JSSP) Conducts Planning Training for Attorney General’s Office (AGO) Information and Public Relations staff

JSSP conducted a planning training for 15 IPRD staff to improve their planning skills and enable them develop precise & effective work plans. The training was held on Wednesday, August 23, at AGO Darulaman Library Hall.

JSSP explained how to prepare a precise and effective work plans on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annul basis. Shah Mohammad Khpalwak, Director of Information and Public Relations stated that “work plans are directly linked with the tasks. Performing and tracking the planned activities can help an organization achieve its goals within the expected timeframe”.

Based on Civil Services Law, each civil service employee is supposed to have a specific work plan for monthly, quarterly and annual activities based on his/her Term of Reference.

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) to Expand Reporting

On August 22, Information and Public Relations Directorate conducted a coordination meeting with AGO central directorates to regularize publishing AGO related information in a timely manner.

Shah Mohammad Khpalwak, Information and Public Relations Director briefed the participants about the achievements and improvements made at IPRD.

Mr. Khpalwak also detailed about AGO official website improvements and the website operator compared the website status before and after reactivation through a PowerPoint presentation.

The participants assumed, “AGO needs to approve a specific information and publication policy and procedure. Thus, the information can be shared with national and international Medias accordingly”.   

Participants also emphasized on assigning Point of Contacts (POCs) for all central and provincial appellate prosecution offices to communicate and exchange information with IPRD POC in order to publish the news, achievements, and reports on AGO website, social networks and/or through print publications.

The participants announced and ensured their full cooperation and support to share the information on timely fashion.

The communication between key AGO directorates through internet and electronic means was also discussed in this meeting and participants outlined the challenges and barriers.

The participants asked to continue the meetings to strengthen communication, reporting, and public awareness activities.

The meeting was organized with Justice Sector Support Program (JSSP) technical assistance to improve collaboration, communication, and reporting system at AGO. JSSP is part of International Narcotics Law project, funded by US department of State, as a key donor, supports Justice Sector organizations including AGO.