Kabul Military Prosecution Office

Coordination Meeting between Kabul Military Prosecution Office and Kabul Sothern Zone Appellate Prosecution Office and Related Districts

Kabul Military Prosecution office conducted this coordination meeting with the presence of some employees and directors of this office and Kabul southern zone Appellate Prosecution and officials from relevant districts on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.      

جلسۀ هماهنگی میان څارنوالی عکسری ولایت کابل، څارنوالی استیناف زون جنوب کابل و حوزه های مربوط

In this meeting, colonel Mohammad Nawab Ahmadzai, Director of Kabul Military Prosecution Office talked about further coordination of Kabul Sothern Zone Prosecution Office with related districts and solving existing problems regarding the illegal weapon usage by some people.  

Mr. Ahmadzai added: “use of illegal and unauthorized weapon and cars with black showcases by some people is a serious threat to the security of Kabul city.”   

According to Mr. Ahmadzai, majority of organized crimes that have endangered the security in Kabul city and caused disturbance to people. 

He also added that illegal, and non-standard building constructions has faced Kabul city with difficulties.       

According to the director of Kabul Military Prosecution Office, numerous construction works have been stopped, but some of them belonging to influential figures are continuing.   

Mr. Ahmazai mentioned, existence of unauthorized entrances that has regularly endangered Kabul city through which unchecked vehicles enters illegally to the city is also one amongst worth considering issues.  

He said on that point, “preventing those issues is police responsibility and the AGO supports legal proceedings of police and will stand beside them decisively.”

He also added that, practical plans have been taken and prosecution office together with Kabul garrison will seriously prevent happening these issues.” 

Director of Kabul Military Prosecution Office emphasized on living standards condition of security police checkpoints and added that this issue will be followed seriously. Nighttime civic patrols was amongst other important topics of discussion.      

On the other hand, Najibullah Azizi, Director of Kabul Southern Zone Appellate Prosecution Office considers acceptance of problems as a solution of them.

According to Mr. Azizi, it would not be easy to succeed unless officials from various government sections accept their respective errors and problems and do their best to solve them.  

He pointed out to the police and prosecutor and said: “while performing duties you should not be allowing anybody to escape from the law.” 

Director of Kabul Southern Zone Prosecution Office added that, you should not give-up to any illegal demands made by influential figures, but rather inform your superiors in case if encountered such issues. Mr. Azizi added that, police should not misbehave with the accused whilst performing official duties.     

According to Mr. Azizi, getting confession by force from the accused is not allowed and not acceptable by the courts.  

He also added that investigating the accused, filing their cases, and submitting to the prosecution office should be completed on due time.  

He said that both police and prosecutor should continue working together as colleagues throughout the investigation and pursuit, crime detection, maintaining justice and rule of law.  

On the other hand, Rashid Hotak, director of southern zone investigation also emphasized on further cooperation and coordination between prosecutors and security officials.  

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Abdul Raqib Hamidi, Investigation officer of the Kabul Criminal Investigation Department (CID) also talked about current problems. He added that, despite excessive workload, they struggle to remove current problems in a best possible way and further extend their cooperation with prosecution office.