The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) High Council conducts regular Meeting

On August 27, AGO High Council Meeting was chaired by Dr. Ghulam Haider Alama, the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Trail Affairs.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues related to criminal cases, and administrative changes at AGO based on the proposal number 5467 and Presidential decree number 1813. The participants discussed on the establishment of fair system to hire experienced, committed, and professional staff aiming quality services.

Regarding the arrest and killing of two anti-government agents by police, the AGO High Council decided that the responsible prosecutors must present all their findings to the High Council for the investigation of this case, and the final decision will be made afterwards.

The high council discussed on the proposal from the Directorate of Crime Investigation about the four local police officers (Naqibullah, Gulab, Abdul Ghani and Khan Gul) of Kandahar security checkpoint who were charged with murder of a person by the name of Baryalai, the High Council decided that the case must be investigated, and responsible prosecutors must be summoned to the High Council to present their findings.

Furthermore, the council discussed on the purposed letter no.  331, dated July 12, 2015 issued by internal audit directorate to finalize.  The High Council decided that the case is not related to High Council, and the case must be investigated by the respective prosecution office.

During the meeting, High Council discussed on the complaint of tribal elders of Helmand province against the Directorate of Internal and External Security. High Council decided that this case must be referred to AGO audit Directorate in order to collect the documents, and the decision about the case must be made later.

At the end of the meeting, High Council discussed on the letter (No. 2451) from the General Directorate for Combating s Internal and External Security about son of Mohammad Musa Mosagi who was charged for kidnapping Ramazan. His son was detained and was freed later.  The Council decided that the case should be presented to High Council after the investigation of AGO audit Directorate.