Attorney General’s Office (AGO) EVAW Deputy Reports Violence against Women prosecuted Cases

Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Elimination of Violence against Women, Juvenile Violation and Human Rights Support (EVAW) stated that the deputy has prosecuted 1626 violence against women cases during the eight months of 1396 (2017).  Sina Shina Mansoor, EVAW DAG, Shazia Yousofi, Director of Primary Prosecution Office, and Jamshed Rasooly, AGO Spokesperson in the government Media Center on November 27, 2017.

DAG Sina Shina Mansoor said that EVAW unit has recorded and tracked 1,726 violence against women cases in the last eight months throughout the country.

Mrs. Shina Mansoor added out of 1,726 cases, 995 were beating cases, 147 rape cases, 124 insults and humiliation cases, 115 harassment cases, 70 murder cases, 66 cases relate to forcing to commit suicide, 62 forced labor cases, 46 injury cases and 21 forced marriage cases.

DAG stated “21 cases of forced isolation, 14 forced to prostitution cases, nine cases of buying and selling girls as means of marriage, 8 cases of burning women and using chemicals have been also registered.

In addition, she mentioned the identification and investigation of seven cases of prohibiting possession of the inheritance, five cases of prohibiting possessing properties, five underage marriage cases, and some other cases.

 She added that “498 cases have been sent to primary courts, 547 cases have been referred to respective organs as considered out of EVAW jurisdiction, and 393 cases have been withdrawn”.

According to Mrs. Shina Mansoor, 95 cases have been closed due to lack of sufficient reasons and 281 cases have been sent to appellate courts.  

She also stated that 177 cases have been sent to primary court, 115 cases have been sent to appellate courts, and 141 cases have been finalized.

Shazia Yousefi, EVAW Primary Prosecution Director talked about Prosecution activities and added that out of these cases, 750 cases have been registered in Kabul Province.

Mrs. Yousefi added that some of these cases have gone through trial processes or are being judicially processed by courts.

Meanwhile, Jamshed Rasooly, AGO spokesperson talked about AGO seriousness on prosecuting Elimination of Violence against Women cases.  He added: AGO seriously investigates each case, particularly violence against women cases, and takes legal actions accordingly.

He also emphasized that with establishing EVAW Prosecution Offices in 34 provinces and rising women’s rights awareness, people can refer to AGO provincial offices to report violence cases.

Increasing female participation and presence in AGO Tashkeel and presence of female prosecutors in 25 provinces and other changes show improvements at AGO which Mr. Rasooly mention during the conference.   

AGO has recently had a significant progress in raising public awareness and timely sharing information with media and public in the country.