Attorney General’s Office (AGO) Introduces its Plan and Tashkeel for 1397 Solar Year

AGO conducted the program in presence of Deputy Attorney General (DAG) for Finance and Admin affairs, Mr. Wahiduddin Arghon, DAG for trail affairs, Mr. Ghulam Haidar Allama, DAG for Military affairs, Mr. Abdul Fatah Azizi, Human Resources General Director, Mr. Mohammad Nasir Hemmat, and some other AGO directors. The program was held at Professional Training Institute hall on Saturday March 31, 2018.

DAG Mr. Wahiduddin Arghon stated: “Based on AGO leadership efforts, the AGO professional staff salaries have increased in 1396 (Solar year) and the prosecutors’ salaries are expected to be as the salary of judges.

According to Mr. Arghon, the purchase of 25 vehicles for provincial appellate prosecution offices has partly reduced their transportation problems. But he emphasized that the AGO leadership is trying to fully resolve the problems in this regard at soonest possible time.

He also expressed that serious efforts have been done in AGO professional and administrative staff capacity building. He added: "In the 1396 solar year, 125 attorneys retired due to the low level of education."

The DAG for finance and administrative affairs also talked about increase in AGO Tashkeel this year. He also stated about holding three conferences this year.

Mr. Arghon also talked about On-time reporting from the AGO activities and added that, this caused increase public trust on AGO.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mohammad Nasir Hemmat HR General Director talked about balanced development and gender equality in AGO in the center and provinces. The women presence has increased to 20.8% at the AGO structure. Mr. Hemmat also spoke about the merging of sections and positions that perform similar tasks, and added that the main goal of doing so was to improve the work quality and prevent any conflict in AGO Tashkeel. Furthermore, he said that hiring 34 women as Elimination of Violence Against Women prosecutors in 34 provinces are the priority of HRD in the current year. According to HR General Director, 80 women interns of the professional trainings will be hired in the center and provinces in the near future.

He mentioned about developing of Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) at AGO and added that this system will be established in all over 34 provinces. Mr. Hemmat believes that this system prevents wasting time and will increase transparency in AGO activities.

He also talked about establishment of Prosecutors Evaluation Department at HRD and emphasized that this department is stablished to evaluate the prosecutors’ performances. Mr. Hemmat talked about the Electronic Attendance system in different sections of AGO in the center and said that this system will be activated in all provincial appellate prosecutions in the near future. According to him, this year 318 administrative, professional and military staff will retire, and 85 people will be hired through CBR process in AGO different sections.