Work Report of Counter Administrative Corruption for the month of Saratan 1395

Counter Administrative Corruption Prosecution Office is one of the central directorates of Attorney General’s Office which is trying to fight against administrative corruption. According to the report of this office, (87) cases have arrived to this office during the month of Saratan 1395. This office addressed (93) cases and (32) cases sent to relevant court after completion of legal investigations.

Also, (91) cases of corruption have been addressed in the judicial investigation section and legal investigations have been implemented.

Similarly, this office has deposited $3,500 and AFN 15,000 as fidelity, and AFN 10,000 as certain to the government account.

Report of Counter Administrative Corruption Crimes Prosecution Directorate from April 20, 2016 to May 20, 2016

Crime Investigation Department:

The number of cases in this department was (108) cases and (104) cases of the total have been received this month by this directorate. (42) Cases were sent to primary prosecution, (3) cases to appellate prosecution and (61) cases to other relevant departments. In the meantime, an amount of AFN 32,385 was deposited to the government’s account.

Prosecution Department:

This directorate has received (91) cases from April 20, 2016 to May 20, 2016. A number of (94) cases were addressed and (28) cases are referred to the court. 

Audit Department Activity Report March 20- April 03, 2016

Recently, a delegation from Deputy Office of AGO in Military Affairs monitored the observance of regulations in five zone detention centers. In their report, they have mentioned that the west zone attorney office has not processed the records and extended detention of 39 persons to related detention centers.

Audit Department conducted assessments to clarify the issue. Discoveries of the mentioned department shows only one case remained, but documents related to investigation process, preparing indictment or any other decision about 38 of them has been sent to detention centers.

Anti-Corruption Department Activity Report - November 2015

The Anti-Corruption Prosecution Department is one of the Attorney General's Office central departments fighting corruptions. During the month of November, This administration have received about 67 administrative corruption cases. Besides, this department have sent 23 cases to the related courts after completing the legal proceedings.

In addition, about 53 administrative corruption cases have been received which were legally preceded. 

Inspection Department Report on violations in South and West Zones Appellate Prosecution office in the year 2014

The Attorney General's Office (AGO) Inspection Department assessed the performances of the South Zone Appellate Prosecution office during the year 2014. The Department assessment found 8 cases with gaps and illegal performances. In addition, this Department has postponed 18 other cases and the accused will be prosecuted based on paragraph 3 of Article 3 of Anti-Corruption Law.  

Meanwhile, the West Zone Appellate Prosecution office has also been audited by the Inspection Department of AGO during 2014. As a result, 12 cases of law violations have been revealed, in accordance to paragraph 3, article 3 of Anti-Corruption law. The cases require further investigations. Based on the AGO instructions, the mentioned cases have been sent to Anti-Corruption Prosecution office for more investigations. 

Audit report of Appellate Prosecution Office of Bamyan Province during 2013 and 2014

Inspection Department of Attorney General's Office (AGO) evaluated the Bamyan Appellate Prosecution Office performances during 2013-14. As a result, the inspection department found some gaps, and illegal performances such as unreasonable delays of the cases, unjustified maintenance of cases and bribery.

The acting Attorney General assigned the Directorate of Anti-corruption Prosecution Office to prosecute the mentioned issues strictly. 

Audit report of Appellate Prosecution Office of Bamyan Province during 2013 and 2014

Inspection Department of Attorney General's Office (AGO) evaluated the Bamyan Appellate Prosecution Office performances during 2013-14. As a result, the inspection department found some gaps, and illegal performances such as unreasonable delays of the cases, unjustified maintenance of cases and bribery.

The acting Attorney General assigned the Directorate of Anti-corruption Prosecution Office to prosecute the mentioned issues strictly. 

Control and Surveillance Prosecution Department Activity Report November 22, 2014 to January 1, 2016

1.      A number of Prosecutors and Government staff have been arrested who were involved in 18 different cases of bribery following operative operations since November 22, 2014 to December 22, 2015. After full investigations, their cases have been submitted for further proceedings.

2.      About professional performances, based on complaint of one of the litigants and AGO instructions, 72 cases have been referred to this department and after completing investigations, they have been directed to related offices for further actions.

3.      In operative section and getting information about prosecutors’ proper performances and professional violations in center and provinces, utilizing personal communication and coordination skills and also cooperation of other colleagues in the center and provincial offices, necessary reports have been obtained about violators. In order to prevent committing further corruptions at AGO offices, based on acting AG instructions strong measures have been taken accordingly.

In addition to the mentioned cases, the Control and Surveillance Prosecution Department of AGO along with other representatives of Detective institutions, including Heavy Crimes Office and Departments of 82 and 88 of National Directorate of Security and also the Criminal Investigation Department monitors the implementations of the law.

Control and Surveillance Prosecution Department activity Report for the Year 2015

Control and Surveillance Prosecution Department is one of the central departments of AGO and its main duty is to control the proceedings of AGO administrations.

During the past year, this department has documented proofs and managed to arrest 14 Prosecutors and other government employees for taking bribe, and have referred the cases for prosecution to the related offices. 45 other cases were sent to the courts after the completion of investigations. 

Brief Report on Attorney General's Office Performance in the Ministry of Finance

Attorney General's Office (AGO) has always tried to combat corruptions. Therefore, the AGO has created a Committee of Prosecutors in the Ministry of Finance. The committee has achieved the following important accomplishments in recent months in combating corruptions:

The eighteen cases of counterfeit in vehicle documents that were imported from Herat Customs to Kabul without paying taxes were assessed and investigated. As a result of this investigation, the commissioners of the case were fined 2,000,000 AFN. According to the bank receipt, the received amount has been deposited to the government account.

Meanwhile, the fifty cases of the companies that didn’t pay their taxes were also assessed. After the investigation, the companies were obliged to pay the taxes to the government. The amount of 247 million and 937 thousand and 56 Afghani were deposited by some companies. The companies that have not paid their taxes yet will be prosecuted.

“Dawi Oil”, “Dyna Corp” and “Supreme Fuel” are of those national and international companies that have refused to pay taxes to the government of Afghanistan.

“Dyna Corp” Company has been obliged to pay 3 billion and 700 million AFN to Afghanistan government. This issue was referred by Ministry of Finance to the Security Council of Afghanistan for final decision.

“Supreme Fuel” Transport is one of those companies that has acted in conflict with regulations. The company has imported 11 million and 223 thousand liters of fuel out of their contract in Afghanistan. According to the customs estimate, the Company is obliged to pay 3 million 218 thousand and 757 dollars cash fine to the government of Afghanistan. The case has been referred for cooperation and receiving fine to SEGAR Office. Meanwhile, the Bank Accounts of the Companies have been blocked.

On the other hand, 37 armored “PICK-UPs", has been imported to Afghanistan by the name of US embassy by BLACK WATER Company without paying tax. The prices of these vehicles were estimated 7 million dollars, and they were imported in 2010 and 2011 to Afghanistan.  According to the information of Afghanistan Traffic Department, temporary license plates were also issued for these vehicles. US embassy confirms the issue but doesn’t give the accurate information about the availability of the vehicles. The Prosecutors Committee in Ministry of Finance has prosecuted the issue and has referred the case to SEGAR Office.

Besides, 1400 acres of governmental land has been prevented to be usurped in Shadman village- of Darlaman, Kabul and the price of the land has been estimated about 140 Million dollars. The prosecutors in Ministry of Finance have proved the counterfeiting of the documents. The case has been referred to Government Case Department for further proceedings. Someone, named “Mohibullah Sofizada” was presenting the counterfeiting documents to show the land as his own property.


Meanwhile, the bribery case of the employees of Ministry of Finance big taxpayers includes two suspects that have been referred to the Control and Care Department of Attorney General's Office.

Partial Activities of Audit Department in December 2015 & January 2016

The Audit Department has inspected the proceedings of prosecutors in different fields for better transparency and rule of law according to the instructions of Attorney General Office.

As a result of the audit, some prosecutors whose proceedings had gaps have been referred for investigation and to disciplinary punishment. Four prosecutors of Kabul West Zone were referred for investigation in Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office due to violations of Law. According to the report, from Maidan Wardak province, the Attorney Office had legal proceedings and no violation was occurred.

This report states that 33 cases of violations have occurred in the North Zone, out of which 19 cases were considered to be prosecuted, and for other 12 necessary instructions were considered for them. 


The Audit Department Activity will continue in Kabul and provinces, to avoid the Law violations by prosecutors. 

Anti Corruption Directorate Working Report in November 2015

 Anti Corruption Prosecution Directorate is one of the central Attorney General Office Directorates that puts its efforts in combat against corruption. During November 2015, 84 corruption cases were recorded in this office. The Directorate has sent 16 cases to relevant courts after completion of its legal proceeding stages.

In Judicial Proceeding, 60 cases of corruption has been received by this Directorate and the legal proceedings has been conducted accordingly.

Meanwhile, the Directorate was able to deposit $1,995 and 44,325 AFN to the state’s deposit account.