AGO Case Management System established in Panjsher Province


AGO Case Management System established in Panjsher Province

Recently, officials from AGO, Supreme Audit Office, General Directorate of National Security, Ministry of Interior, Supreme Court, General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Centers and JSSP advisors participated in inauguration ceremony of CMS in Panjsher Province.

In the program, Mir Sharafuddin Sharaf, Acting Head of Panjsher Appellate Court said: “Case Management System (CMS) brings transparency and speed up prosecution process.  CMS includes complete information regarding a case, from discovery to imprisonment stage. Additionally, paper works of cases are recorded in CMS database”.

Paswal Abdul Rahim Shuja, General Director of HUQUQ of Ministry of Interior said: “Ministry of Interior previously used INDEX and NIMS systems in order to identify criminals. As a result of technology advancement, new systems were established for this purpose. CMS is one of these new systems for identifying criminals.”

According to Mr. Shuja, CMS has better features compared to previous systems. This system can tell us all information from discovery to final stage of a case. He also added that “CMS can create a good coordination between discovery, justice and judicial institutions. In short, this system will result in bringing transparency in investigation process of cases”.

Nasir Ahmad Alokozai head of JSSP provincial CMS office said: “This system has been functioning in Panjsher province since April, 2015. Till date, 759 different cases are recorded in this system.”

Fetratullah Farhat, Acting Section Leader of JSSP-CMS said: “This system can be responsive to current challenges in justice and judicial systems of Afghanistan. Till date, this system is established in all justice and judicial institutions in center and all provinces except Nooristan.”

Amrullah Abdali, Head of Panjsher Appellate Court believes that the system is effective for bringing transparency in performances of Justice System. He said: “This system ensures the rights of victims, accused and convicted persons. This system obliges relevant institutions to process cases in specified timeframe. Meanwhile, CMS is a trustable source of information regarding cases.”

According to General Abdul Aziz Ghairat, police chief of Panjsher province, CMS ensures justice and prevents unauthorized access to case records. As a local government official, I will try for its enrichment.”

Case Management System is supported and implemented by JSSP. JSSP is one of the major donors of the AGO.