AGO Completed its Investigation for a Murder Case at Samangan

Sun, Jun 30 2019 10:33 AM

Three of the suspects for the killing of Mohammad Sadiq son of Khalbay on 3rd of May 2019 at Joy Zindan Village of Samangan provincial center has been arrested by the security forces.

Attorney Office of Samangan completed their investigation from these three suspects on 13th of June 2019.

The assigned prosecutor of this case quoting the father of the slain said in his lawsuit, “the killers demand sexual relation from my son, but my son resist with them until his death”.

According to the prosecutor, the killers take him with their selves under the pretext of eating Sheer Yakh (Afghani Ice-cream) in a subway (a way no one is crossing through that) and in this way, they asked him for having such relation.

Father of the slain told during the investigation, that one of the suspects called him several times and take him with his self from our home and finally I got his dead body from the hospital.

Despite the suspects denied this allegation, but the prosecutor bring seven reasons and prove based on the evidence and documents and asked Article 547 of the Penalty Code for the suspects.

It is mentionable, that two of the suspects of this case are in captive and one of them has been released with a guarantee.