AGO Investigated 2527 Cases of Violence against Women during Current Year

Wed, Nov 13 2019 2:42 PM
jamshid rasooly

These cases include raping, forcing to prostitution and self-burning, injuries and disabilities, beating, marrying the enemy for making reconciliation, forced marriage, prohibition from the right of marriage, cursing and humiliation, harassment and annoying, prohibition from the right of  heritage, prohibition from the right of education, forced labor and etc.

Jamshid Rassoli, the spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan said on a press conference at GMIC on 13th November 2019 that all these cases have been registered through Afghanistan.

According to him, the AGO has addressed to all these cases in a fair way and in accordance with the Afghan laws and regulations.

Mr. Rassoli said that beating, annoying and harassment and cursing and humiliation are the top cases registered with the AGO for violence against women on the first three quarters of the 1398 fiscal year, with a number of 240, 263 and 217 respectively.

He added, that Kabul, Herat, and Balkh has gotten the biggest number of cases for violence against women, while Parwan, Ghor and Baghlan got the lowest number of cases.

During this conference, Jamshid Rassoli said that the AGO has launched various programs with justice approach for supporting women in the last four years. He mentioned from the organizing of national conference of Elimination of Violence against Women where every class of the society including the women from various governmental and non-governmental institutions participated.

According to Rassoli, by undertaking such programs and serious endeavors of the leadership of the AGO resulted in increasing of women staff at various vocational and administrative parts of the AGO from 3% to 22% and in return the number of the registered cases of violence against women has also doubled.

Mr. Rassoli recalled the only reason for the doubling of these cases that now the public particularly the Afghan women have trust in the AGO. Currently, in addition to the existence of female prosecutor on 32 provinces of the country, Prosecution Office for Violence against Women is also activated in the primary and appellate levels.

According to him, the Attorney General’s Office of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has established a “Prosecution Directorate for Protection of Women from Harassment and Annoying in Public and Private Office” which will create a secured working environment for women.

He reiterated that by addressing all such cases particularly those cases related to violence against women, from one hand the defenders and culprits will be punished for their actions and from the other hand other people will learn and will stop committing unlawful actions.

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