AGO Investigated 256 Cases of Drug & Narcotics Smuggling during Mizan Month

Sun, Oct 20 2019 3:05 PM

Attorney General’s Office (AGO) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with the observance of the enacted laws of the country and by maintaining impartiality, independence and respect to human dignity, human rights and access of Afghans to justice have investigated 256 cases of drug smuggling during Mizan month of 1398 through General Directorate of Special Prosecution for anti-drug.

Among those cases, the lawsuit for 129 cases were prepared and sent to the Primary Prosecution Office, as a result 112 individuals have been detained. The detainees include 111 males and 1 female.

From the above-mentioned cases, 100 of them were resolved on Primary Court, 46 of them were resolved on Appellate Court and court process of 75 of the cases have been completed and finalized. 43 of the cases are under process by the Investigative, Primary and Appellate Prosecution Offices.

As a result of the above crimes, 21 vehicles, 14 various kinds of weapons and 123 sets of mobile phones have been confiscated because of smuggling drugs and narcotics and an amount of 169, 310 AFN were deposited to the government account.

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