AGO Trialed Four of The employee of Islam Qala Customs for Embezzlement

Thu, Jun 20 2019 1:24 PM

The Attorney General's Office in Herat convicted 10 people including four employees of Islam Qala border for embezzlement and misuse of their competencies and transferred their case to the Preliminary Court of the Corruption Crimes Investigation.

The suspects of this case are including Wahidullah son of Abdullah, an employee of exit gate for Islam Qala’s customs, Sohrab son of Ghulam Sakhi, an agent of the Scale, Mir Mahmood son of Haji Miro, agent of the exit gate, Mir Khalid son of Abdul Rahman, in charge for the gate of this custom; Haji Abbas son of Raz Mohammad, Haji Abdullah son of Abdul Momin and Mohammad Isaa son of Laal Mohammad the traders and owners of the goods, and Mohammad Naeem son of Mohammad Karim, Fazl Ahmad son of Qalandar and Abdul Hakim son of Sangeen the drivers at Islam Qala custom office.   son of Mohammad Ali, son of Lal Mohammad, merchants and Owners of the Times and Mohammad Noam, son of Mohammad Karim, Fazl Ahmad, son of Qalandar and Abdul Hakim, son of Haji Sangeen. The drivers of the border guard of Bandar-e Islami Qalah, Herat Province, was accused of misconduct and misuse of their professional qualifications.

The Preliminary Court of Corruption Crimes in a hearing session conducted on 19th June 2019, in their decision number 23 and 24, on the charge of embezzlement and abuse of duty authorities convicted Wahidullah for detachment from duty and five year imprisonment and Sohrab for the same accusation from detachment from duty and 6 years of imprisonment.

In this hearing, Mir Mahmood and Mir Khalid were too detached from duty and three years’ imprisonment and convicted Mohammad Isaa for three years imprisonment.

According to the decision of this judicial hearing, Haji Abaas and Haji Abdullah the owners of the goods were sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment and Mohammad Naeem, Fazal Ahmad and Abdul Hakim were fined for 60,000 AFN.