Saranwal Scientific-Research Quarterly

This is a special scientific and research publication of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which is published and distributed by the Information and Communication Department in the field of law under the supervision of the editorial board.

Articles of this quarterly is being written and prepared by cadre members of the AGO, Afghan Academy of Sciences, University Professors and researchers in accordance with the standard and academic methodologies. It is actually a source of sciences in the field of law for employees of Justice and Judicial sector, Advocates, Law and Sharia students and those who are interested in the specialized study of law and judicial sciences.

Article titles for Issue No. 53:

اصول حاکم بر مساعدت های حقوقی - داکتر غلامحیدر علامه

مصونیت در پرتو شریعت و قانون - محمدمنیر مروت

حقوق بشردوستانه  از نظر اسلام - محمداعظم طارق

د محبس پېژندنه - سیما محب

کنترول اجتماعی؛ راهی برای کاهش جرایم - محمدمهدی باتور

د متهم د سکوت حق د اسلامي شریعت سره پرتلیزه څیړنه - سمیعالله شینواری

بررسی تعلیق تنفیذ حکم  در کودجزا - جلیل احمد شیرزاد