Attorney General's Message

In the name of Almighty Allah

Attorney General’s Office (AGO) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan operates based on article 134 of “Afghanistan constitution” and article 4 of “Law on AGO Mandate and Structure”. AGO strongly considers the enforced laws while performing its duties (Crime Investigation, prosecuting the criminal cases, file the lawsuit against the accused in courts, and enforce the court orders/presidential decrees).

Attorney General’s Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan prioritizes and pledged in protecting the Islamic values, rights and freedoms of every afghans, strengthening the rule of law, and ensuring Justice. The office investigates and prosecutes criminal cases independently, professionally, and impartially regardless of political, racial, or regional belonging and does not tolerate any interference in its duties. AGO operates based on the applicable laws and relevant documents. The office has shown this will and commitment to the public during the past several years.

Meanwhile, AGO is committed in fighting and eradicating corruptions nationwide aiming better legal services and access to justice to the people. therefore, it has started fighting corruptions from its own offices and does not bear any types of corruption.

AGO aims to providing better and lawful living opportunities for the people of Afghanistan through neutral enforcement of the law. Although, AGO has lost many of its employees across the country for achieving this goal, but the events have not affect AGO commitment in serving the people of Afghanistan.

Besides, Attorney General’s Office deals with all the visitors/clients with due respect and dignity and protects their human rights, freedom, and dignity. AGO is always here to support and serve the people of Afghanistan.