Ex-IEC Director of Daikundi trialed publicly on charges of illegal weaponry

Wed, May 15 2019 2:56 PM

Mohammad Qasim, son of Mohammad Asif was publicly trialed by the Anti-Corruption Justice Center (ACJC) on the charge of illegally firing weapons.

The trial of Mohammad Qasim who is the former chairman of the Daikondi Provincial Election Commission, held today, 15th May 2019.

The Judicial Panel of this court, based on Article 536 of the Penalty Code, sentenced Mohammad Qasim to 32,000 AFN in cash for the illegal firing of weapons.

Also, the Judicial Panel of this court, pursuant to Article 545 of the Penalty Code, ordered on the confiscation of a pistol, obtained from the defendant.

In order to defend the rights of Afghan citizens, The Attorney General’s Office of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan investigates and examines all cases with absolute decency, independence and fairness.

The AGO will investigate and examine such cases very resolutely in order to put an end to such actions and protect our people’s peacefully living conditions.

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