Four of the Kidnappers sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment

Sat, May 11 2019 3:26 PM
jaraym sangin

Criminal Court against Internal and External Security of the Preliminary Court of the third district of Kabul city, during a public hearing, sentenced the kidnappers in regards to the abducting case of one of the national traders.

This public hearing was attended by the defendants, the assigned prosecutor, defense lawyers, and the judicial panel of the court and a number of journalists.

The court sentenced the defendants each one Abdul Hameed son of Boman Ali, Mawla Dad son of Hussain Dad, Ishaaq son of Qasim Ali and Mohammad Aajan son of Mohammad Jan pertaining the kidnapping of Haji Mohammad Hussain son of Marjan Ali and Khair Mohammad son of Jan Mohammad based on the articles 591, 218 and 219 of Penalty Code to 20 years imprisonment and Abdul Hakim son of Mohammad Jan was acquitted according to Article 5 of the Criminal Code, due to lack of sufficient reasons for the conviction.

The assigned prosecutor of the case, while presenting his lawsuit said, that the defendants had planned the abduction plan of Haji Mohammad Hussein and Kheir Mohammad about five months ago and using their personal relations, asked them to buy a house in Kabul. When Haji Mohammad Hussein and Kheir Mohammad arrived in Kabul from Herat on the same night at the house of one of the escapees of this case, they closed their hands and feet and their eyes, and transform them in that night with a car to Ishaaq’s house, their other partner. After 15 days in Ishaaq's house, the defendants decided to transfer them to their other partner's house, Mohammad Ajaan, in Dasht-Barchi, Shahrak Etefaaq (District 13), and transfer them to his house at night and kept them in a drilled well at Mohammad Ajan's house.

The prosecutor added that during this time, the kidnappers contacted family members of Haji Mohammad Hussein and demanded them $ 300,000. Finally, the Haji Mohammad Hussein's family is ready to pay 1800000 AFN, which the security forces, using their facilities, first captured Abdul Hameed during the night on 19/10/1397, and concede for his own crime and by the morning dated 20/10/1397 shows the exact location of abducted and other crime partners.

It is mentionable that the court obliged the convicts to pay 5000 US$ and 250000 AFN to Haji Mohammad Hussain.

During this trial, the assigned prosecutor after presenting his lawsuit and mentioning the reasons for the confessions of the offenders, asked the court chairman and court judicial panel that based on the provision of 526 of Penalty Code, to sentence them for severe punishment.

Since recent abductions in the country have led to the escape of investors and their capital, the Attorney General of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has always been resolutely addressing such cases, and will not allow excluding Afghans from their basic rights.

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