Head of Martyrs and Disabled of Nimrooz Sentenced to Prison

Sun, Jun 23 2019 10:37 AM

The Attorney Office of Nimrooz prepared and completed the lawsuit against Head of Martyred and Disabled of Nimrooz and sent it to the court.

Sayad Shafi son of Sayad Ashraf, Head of Nimrooz Martyrs and Disabled Department was arrested on 13th of April 2019 by NDS while receiving 15,000 AFN bribes from two of the heirs of martyrs in exchange of processing their privileges.

Public Security Appeal Court of Nimrooz, during a public hearing on 13th of June 2019, convicted Sayad Shafi for receiving bribes based on the 2nd Part of the First Paragraph of Article 371, Fourth Part of Article 218, Clause 7 and 12 of Article 213 and Clause 1st of Article 215 of the Penalty Code for one year and one month.

Also the Judicial Panel of this hearing, based on 1st Paragraph of Article 385 of the Penalty Code, fined him for 15,000 AFN and based on 2nd Paragraph of Article 375 of the Penalty Code detached him from his job.

This Judicial Hearing, which was carried out under the Regulations of Law and the prosecutor’s request, while the proportion between crime and punishment has also been respected, the assigned prosecutor for this case and the accused of this case consented to the decision of the court.