Press Release


Date: 28 May 2019

Kabul, Afghanistan

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received an official letter from the Deputy of Policy, Monitoring & Evaluation of The Office of Chief of Staff to the President in regards to legally investigation of Gen. Habibullah Ahmadzai’s accusation and his recent remarks on media.

The Attorney General's Office has assigned a panel to examine the case. The panel has requested from Gen. Habibullah Ahmadzai to provide all available documents and evidence till 30th of May 2019 to the AGO.

The Office of the AGO of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan ensures that the case will be investigated in a fair and just manner in the light of the Provisions of the Law, and based on the available documents and evidence the investigating panel will take legal decision and will share its results according to the Provisions of Law with the noble people of Afghanistan.