Competitive Exam for 96 Professional Posts for Military Section of the AGO Held

Thu, Jul 04 2019 5:55 PM

Around 3000 applicants were received by the AGO for these vacant post, among them, 557 were eligible and were invited for a written exam.

During the written exam, Wahiduddin Arghun, Deputy of the Attorney General in Financial and Admin Affairs, Mohammad Naseer Hemat, General Director of Human Resources Development, Shamsullah Ahmadzai, General Director of Internal & External Security Attorney, Azizullah Fasehi, Director of the Training and Vocational Institute and a number of AGO employees were present.


Mr. Arghun said, that the Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in accordance with Article 134 of the “Afghan Constitution”, have the authority of investigating the crimes and litigation against the defendant in the court. He further added, “for this reason, the AGO is always striving for launching competitive exams to attract and hire quality, experienced and committed cadres.

Arghun added, that last year we also did launch three competitive exams and were able to attract and hire professional individuals for AGO main office and on 34 provinces. He said that in order to provide better justice services and implement the rule of law, we need for professional cadres to be hired in AGO.

In regards to the transparency of the exam and the method of giving scores he said that we have assigned various committees for shortlisting, preparing questions and investigating the compliance after the exam. Arghun also called on the participants of the exam, to introduce at least three representatives for monitoring of this process to the assigned exam committee.

Mohammad Naseer Hemat, General Director of the Human Resources Development said that these prosecutors will be hired  via competitive exam and in a transparent manner instead of those who are been retired and for those posts that are added on the organizational chart of 1398 of the AGO.

naser himat

Mr. Hemat added that “you will have a great responsibility for implementing the law and ensuring justice.”

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is always striving for hiring committed and professional cadres in its organizational chart.

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