Press Release


6th July 2019

Two of the employees of Anti-Corruption and Justice Center (ACJC) has been attacked this morning 6th July 2019 while on the way to their office.

The incident occurred at “Company Area” on the fifth district of Kabul city on Abdul Qadir and Karimullah. In this attack, Abdul Qadir was shot dead and Karimullah was injured.

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) while condemning the incident, considers attacking employees of AGO as an attack on justice and humanity.

The AGO of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan once again emphasize that such kind of heinous actions, will not change the will of the Office for ensuring justice and rule of law.

Employees of the AGO are determined to serve for Afghanistan in all circumstances.

The leadership of the AGO has assigned a delegation to investigate the seriousness of the incident alongside security and detectives forces, in order to identify the perpetrators of this incident.