The Attorney General’s Office’s Press Release on Its Commitment to Access to information,



Date: Feb 6th, 2020

Kabul, Afghanistan

A number of Afghan press agencies expressed their discontent with Afghanistan government agencies and the Attorney General Office for not granting Media full access to information through a press conference held on Tuesday 14, 2020 in Kabul. They have also allegedly accused Afghanistan government institutions and AGO for not being committed to the implementation of the Law on Access to Information in their daily practices with Media. Afghanistan Attorney General Office (AGO) calls these claims as baseless, irresponsible and unrealistic.

In fact, the Attorney General’s Office has been a key supporter of the press agencies, free Media and Afghan citizens’ civil liberties.  As such, AGO is a member of the Joint Committee on Government Media Information Center mandated to protect media, free speech and citizens’ civil liberties in Afghanistan.

The Attorney General Office, a loyal endorser of the Access to Information Law, has been open and accessible to Media and Afghanistan’s citizens with its full commitment to provide them access to information in a timely manner.  Our past practices easily proves our fair, transparent and accountable practices and behavior in this regard.

There are numerous examples to indicate the level of our commitment to this valuable human right principal. For instance, the Attorney General Office (AGO) was one of the first organizations that created the online application form to introduce easy ways of access to information for journalists, reporters, and Media organizations.  AGO has also incorporated a position to follow cases pertaining to access to information in its organization structure.

Furthermore, AGO holds regular monthly and weekly meetings with citizens and civil society to receive and handle their direct complaints. Likewise, we have provided 6000 individuals’ access to information so far. In addition, our monthly meetings with Kabul district managers, civil society organizations and other organizations are notable achievement to highlight our firm resolve to protect the right of access to information.

AGO’s spoke-person’s office has done 1100 interviews with many different Internal and external media agencies and organization over the last year as well as necessary information has been given to every single individual demanding information. AGO has published more than 2000 monthly magazine articles, 350 news headlines and reports through its websites and social media pages in Dari, Pashto, and English languages.

Attorney General’s Office has tried its best to provide Media with the needed information to the extent that we have even collected them information from other agencies. Happily, AGO has never received any formal complaint about AGO’s intention or action of obstructing Media access to information. This indicates that the AGO, as the pioneer organization in supporting freedom of expression, has always been available to provide the necessary information to the media agencies. This also explains our sincerest respect and affinity to local and international Media organizations.

Afghanistan Attorney General’s Office is asking for a professional and facts based accounts of public institutions’ practices toward Media since disseminating false information distorts truth and misinforms Afghanistan citizens.


Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan