UNAMA: Attorney General’s Office is still ahead of Reforms and Anti-Corruption

Thu, May 23 2019 6:22 PM

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), in its recent report, entitled "Combating Corruption, A Basic Ground for Peace and Prosperity", released on the 24th of April 2019, appreciated the vital role of the AGO in reducing corruption, consideration of corruption cases, capacity building of the AGO for internal audit, increasing the presence of women in the AGO and preparation for the implementation of the instructions of “Joint Monitoring & Evaluation Committee”.

The report states that the Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Saranpoh Mohammad Farid Hamidi, plays a leading role in the fight against corruption in Afghanistan. The report also added that “In addition to the supervising of the Subcommittee on Combating Corruption of the High Council for the Rule of Law and the Fight against Corruption, Mr. Hamidi is emphasizing on strengthening of neutrality and transparency at the Attorney General’s Office.”

According to the report, based on a survey of 2018, the experience of corruption at the judicial sector and Afghan National Police has fallen. The UNAMA considers the reduction of corruption in these institutions as a result of the Attorney General and Chief of Justice’s efforts.

The UNAMA's report also well remained about the preparation of the five-year Strategic Plan (2011 -2018) and meetings of the Attorney General with the citizens of the country to hear their complaints on a weekly basis.

Increasing the internal audit capacity by improving the audit mechanism in the provinces, and creating of a 24-hour toll-free number for citizens to complaints, increasing women's presence to 20.7 percent in AGO, are among other important issues in this report which has been mentioned as effective measures for ensuring transparency and fighting against corruption.

The UNAMA report continues to report that the Attorney General has activated the AGO  in 51 districts that were previously been inactive, and now has fully active offices in 283 districts throughout the country and is working in the field of people's access to justice.

The report also reminded the Deputy Attorney General's Office in Anti-Corruption Affairs, adding that the duties of this office on the extradition of the property is supported by the Anti-Corruption Act.

The report also continues: “The Attorney General's Office is still ahead in reforming and fighting corruption, but more reform measures are needed, particularly in the Office of the Deputy AG for Combating Corruption.”

A reminder of the importance of Anti-Corruption Justice Center (ACJC), investigating cases of High Ranking governmental authorities, providing statistics of cases investigated in the center and a significant increase in its achievements in 2019, are other highlights of the report about the Attorney General's Office.

The UNAMA report wrote that in 2019 the ACJC has investigated to the cases of high ranking officials in light of the newly passed Penalty Code and are effectively and increasingly paying to the crimes stated at this code.

Meanwhile, UNAMA in its last year annual report also referred to the good efforts of the Attorney General's Office to implement its commitments and mandate to fight corruption and enhance transparency in the AGO and expressed optimism for making progress in these areas.

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