AGO Completed the Case of an 8 years old girl injured by his Dad

Mon, Jul 15 2019 5:58 PM

Appellate Prosecution Office of Ghor province received a case of injuring an eight years old daughter by her father with a hatchet.

This incident occurred on the 18th of May 2019 at Qizal village of Lal Sarjangal district of Ghor Province.

The assigned prosecutor referred this case on 16th of June 2019 after completing his lawsuit based on the available evidence of the crime to the Primary Court of Eliminating Violence against Women and Juvenile Delinquency of Ghor Province.

The Prosecutor proposed the implementation of Article 22 of the Prohibition of Violence against Women Law with observing Article 577 of Penalty Code to the court.

During the investigation from the suspect, he stated that I attacked my daughter (sufferer) because he was hugging her small sister and so injured her head.

But according to the investigation of the Appellate Prosecution Office of Ghor, it shows that the suspect is addictive to opium the fact that was approved by the villagers too. He has repeatedly plundered the properties of the villagers too.

It has also been said that he was taking out his home stuff to market in order to supply the drug for himself, and his daughter barred him and eventually such an incident occurred.