AGO Investigation Finds an Embezzlement of 75 Million AFN at Farah Custom on 2014

Sun, Aug 04 2019 3:25 PM

Farah Prosecution Office has submitted the case of embezzlement of 75 million AFN to the Provincial Primary Court after completing the investigation.

Acting president of Shaikh Abu Nasr Farahi Custom Department, Manager of the Port, Custom Investigation Manager, and Port exit manager, two of the staff from exit gate and three of the in-charges of distributing of the ticket of the Farah province were charged with the embezzlement.

The assigned prosecutor for this case based on the proves and evidence completed his lawsuit and requested from Farah Provincial Primary Court to execute Articles 270 and 273 of the Penalty Code against them.

It is mentionable, that Farah Custom Department had sent the case of a debt of a fuel importing company of Ahmad son of Noor Ahmad for the investigation to Farah Prosecution Office. During the investigation of the Farah Prosecution Office it was found that a fuel importing company of Zmaray son of Allauddin have imported fuel from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Afghanistan from 5th of August 2014 to 12/12/2014 and by taking 330 pieces of the ticket has not yet paid any custom revenue.

Based on the finding of Farah Prosecution Office, it has been proved that this company is owed for 75 million AFN.