AGO Registered 318 Criminal Cases during the Last Month

Wed, Jul 24 2019 1:30 PM

The Attorney General's Office of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in accordance with its mandate and considering its independence and respect to human dignity has registered 318 criminal cases during Sartan Month of the solar year 1989.

Among them, 111 cases have been referred to the primary court which 36 cases were being dealt and the rest of them are still under work at the court.

From this number of the total cases, 32 cases were filed by the Appellate Court, 68 cases completed its trial procedures, 18 cases were kept because of lack of evidence and 14 others were returned.

13 cases were including murder, beating, sodomy, theft, and deception, betrayal to the homeland and surrendering to the enemy. Also, 173 cases were including missing of weapons, abuse from competency, and absentia from duty, bribe and other crimes.

Based on the above mentioned crimes and the cash money received from cash penalty, bribe, and drug an amount of one million and 966,706 AFN has been deposited to the government treasury.

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