Badghis Prosecution Office Investigated 126 Cases during Last 9 Months

Sun, Sep 15 2019 2:53 PM

Badghis Prosecution Office has registered and investigated 126 criminal cases during last three quarters of the fiscal year 1398.

According to the report, among those, 72 cases were sent to the Primary Court after completing their investigation and filing the lawsuit, 52 cases were sent to the Appellate Court and the trial process of 9 other cases have been finalized.

The reports also state that 22 cases are underwork and 23 other cases have been kept because of a lack of sufficient reasons.

These include 17 cases of drug crimes, 7 cases of robbery crimes, 14 cases of ethical crimes (rape, sodomy, adultery), 8 murder cases, 11 corruption cases, 5 traffic crimes, 32 violence against women and child abuse cases, and 23 various crimes (beating, injury…). 

The report also states that most of the cases were in the field of drug trafficking, robbery, and violence against women and child abuse. Also, an amount of 2 million and 416 thousands and 202 AFN has also been deposited to the government account by this Office from cash penalty.

In this report, the Badghis Prosecution Office also mentioned the use of 299 thousand and 170 AFN for construction of General Archive of the Office, refurbishment of the Office building and advertisement services.

During the fiscal year 1398, this Office has launched training programs for professional capacity building of 50 employees and prosecutors.

It is mentionable that the Badghis Prosecution Office in accordance with the approved organizational chart of 1398, has a total of 62 staff, among them 34 of them are professional staff, 14 are administrative staff and 14 others are service staff.