Daikundi Prosecution Office Registered and Investigated 534 Cases during The last Three Quarter

Wed, Oct 09 2019 3:18 PM

Among those cases, 249 were completed and were sent to the court for juridical detachment.

129 cases are under work by the Primary Prosecutions of this province, five cases were referred to Justice Directorate for subjective incompetence, 19 cases were referred to intelligence organs for the purpose of completing their detection information and 62 other cases have been retained for lack of required reasons.

Those cases include 30 cases of child abuse, 115 cases for violence against women, 32 cases of smuggling drugs, eight cases of corruption crimes and 367 cases were related to beating, injuring and robbery and etc.

Because of addressing to the aforementioned cases, one million 883 thousand and 635 AFN was deposited to the government account, which one million 800 thousand and 35 AFN were definite revenue and 875 thousand and 600 AFN was received as supplies while investigating the crimes.

In addition to this, Daikundi Prosecution Office has spent 65 percent of Regular Budget and 77.7 percent of Development Budget during the fiscal year 1398.

Meanwhile, the building of the Daikundi Prosecution Office which has been built by the development budget of the AGO will be inaugurated in the next future.